Sadler Seminar Series: Confronting Traumatic Pasts

The exciting line-up of speakers for this year’s Sadler seminar series on ‘Confronting Traumatic Pasts’ includes Ann Rigney (14 Feb 2017), Jacqueline Rose and Chiara De Cesari (29 March 2017) and Astrid Erll (2 May 2017). View the full programme here.

Things kick off with a lecture and postgraduate workshop led by Dr Gal Kirn (ICI Berlin) focusing on memory, monuments, riots and the former Yugoslavia (14 and 15 Nov 2016). For further details please click here.


Past events

Remembering the Holocaust and Genocide in the Digital Age (September 2016)

This programme of public events took place at the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre from 5-13 September 2016. Events included:


This programme was kindly supported by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council and the University of Leeds.


JHGC September 2016 for web


Transnational Holocaust Memory Conference (January 2015)

Recognizing that Holocaust ‘memory’ (in the broadest sense) is increasingly shaped by transnational forces such as mass migration, global travel and tourism, economic globalization, digital media and the internet, this international conference explored the future of Holocaust memory in shifting international contexts.

  • Videos from the conference are available here.
  • The programme is available here.
  • Abstracts and speaker biographies are available here.


The conference included twelve academic panels, three plenary sessions, a postgraduate workshop and the following free public events:


Poster used to advertise Conference