This website contains information about a series of interrelated research projects on Holocaust memory led by staff from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures at the University of Leeds. Our research is interdisciplinary, engaged and international in its scope, and our projects are run in collaboration with a range of academic and non-academic partners, including the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation (pictured above and left), the USC Shoah Foundation, the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site and the Anne Frank House.

Our projects involve postgraduate students who regularly lead events and undertake internships with our partner organisations in the UK, South Africa and Rwanda. These include the students funded by the AHRC through the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH) network on The Future of Holocaust Memory.

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Recent Blog Posts

Virtual Holocaust Memoryscapes

Dr Matthew Boswell will lead a new research project entitled Virtual Holocaust Memoryscapes: Scoping the Creation of Immersive, Spatial Archives of the Bergen-Belsen and Neuengamme Memorial Sites, funded by the AHRC/EPSRC Research and Partnership Development call for the Next Generation of Immersive Experiences. This project represents phase 1 of a larger project that will ultimately […]


Call for Papers

  Archives of Resistance: Cosmopolitanism, Memory and World Literature Three-Day International Conference University of Leeds, June 20-22 2018 The rise to prominence of the field of ‘world literature’ is simultaneous with that of cosmopolitanism and memory studies. Often examined separately, they are in many ways connected. On the one hand, world literature might be understood […]


Notes from Johannesburg: Life Narratives and Human Rights Symposium, June 2017

  Three postgraduate interns from the University of Leeds, Emily Paul, Maya Caspari and Ruth Daly, along with postgraduate and research assistant Emma Parker, convened in Johannesburg this June to organise an academic symposium on ‘Life Narratives and Human Rights’. The event, aimed at students, academics, teachers and artists took place at the Johannesburg Holocaust […]