Transnational Holocaust Memory international conference, 26-27 January 2015

Registration is now open for our international conference on Transnational Holocaust Memory, which will take place on 26-27 January 2015, with plenary speakers including Marianne Hirsch, Eva Hoffman and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela.

Recognising that Holocaust ‘memory’ (in the broadest sense) is increasingly shaped by transnational forces such as mass migration, global travel and tourism, economic globalization, digital media and the internet, this conference will explore the future of Holocaust memory in shifting international contexts. The full programme will be published in early December and will feature contributions from 70 speakers from across the world. The conference will also include the UK launch of an AHRC-funded public exhibition entitled Germany’s Confrontation with the Holocaust in a Global Context created by researchers at the University of Leeds in collaboration with the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation and the National Holocaust Centre (UK), and a short theatre performance by Blah Blah Blah, who work with young people living in the Leeds area.