The Future of Holocaust Memory

Funded by a World University Network researcher mobility grant, Dr Matthew Boswell undertook a three week study visit to Australia that allowed him to take part in academic and public engagement events at three of the country’s leading institutions for Holocaust and trauma studies: the University of Sydney, the University of Western Australia (UWA) and Monash University (Melbourne).

In recent years, multidirectional and transnational approaches to historical memory have connected the memorialisation and representation of the Holocaust to the legacy of colonialism and different national pasts. The study visit allowed Dr Boswell to pursue recent research on transnationalism, the globalisation of Holocaust memory and the cultural representations of perpetrators, as well as questions raised in his monograph, Holocaust Impiety (2012), in an Australian context. Dr Boswell spent one week at each institution, exploring new research directions in this complex interdisciplinary field and leading a range of events on the theme of ‘the Future of Holocaust Memory’ with staff, postgraduate students and members of the public. Particular emphasis was placed on the relationships (and tensions) that exist between victim commemoration and perpetrator representation.

Events included: