Exhibition launches at the Cape Town Holocaust Centre and National Holocaust Centre (UK)

Our AHRC-funded public exhibition, ‘Germany’s Confrontation with the Holocaust in a Global Context’, officially launched at the UK National Holocaust Centre and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre on Holocaust Memorial Day 2015.

At the UK National Holocaust Centre, Professor Bill Niven was present at the launch and delivered a brief introductory talk on the exhibition’s relevance to the day.

Photo from Holocaust Memorial Day at the National Holocaust Centre

In Cape Town, Professor Stuart Taberner spoke on the significance of the exhibition for the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the camps. The British Consul General Chris Trott and the German Consul General Dr Bernd Rinnert also spoke.

Stuart also guided educationalists through the exhibition, which will be used by Cape Town colleagues in their work with schools throughout South Africa, to educate about the Holocaust but also to prompt young South Africans to think about their own past, and their own young multiracial democracy. What does it mean to confront the past? How can we balance condemnation and empathy? How can reconciliation be transformed into a change in social and cultural attitudes?

Students at the Cape Town Holocaust Centre

Grade 11 learners from Sans Souci High School have subsequently had the opportunity to view and grapple with the exhibition, with one student commenting: ‘The most important thing I learnt today is that we are all human and that colour, race, culture, blood does not make us any less human or superior.’

The exhibition has also been featured on South African breakfast television.