The Future of Holocaust Memory in the Digital Age

Venue: Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre

6 September 2016, 14.00 – 16.00

New Dimensions in Testimony

In this exploratory workshop, led by Dr Stephen D. Smith (Executive Director, USC Shoah Foundation) and Dr Matthew Boswell (University of Leeds), participants will be invited to respond to short ‘provocations’ that will allow us to explore how new technological innovations will shape Holocaust memory in the digital age and the key debates that are likely to ensue. Addressing the subject in both practical and theoretical terms, key questions will include: What new projects are on the horizon for organisations such as the USC Shoah Foundation? How will Holocaust memory be affected by the emergence of major new technologies such as Virtual Reality?  What debates will play out in the decades to come in areas such as ethics? How do interactive forms of testimony link to testimony from earlier periods? What new forms of historical understanding are emerging in these immersive environments? What experiences or histories are being left out? How are artists and writers responding to these shifts? How are the technologies of memory being adapted in different global contexts?

This workshop is  by invitation only. Please email or telephone (011) 640-3100 if you would like to participate, with brief details of the contribution you would like to make to the discussion.

Also on 6 September, Stephen D. Smith will also be giving a free public lecture, ‘Imagining Virtual Survivor Testimony: Memory and Education in the Digital Age’. See here for further information and booking details.

This event forms part of a programme, Remembering the Holocaust and Genocide in the Digital Age, running from 5-13 September at the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre. For a full list of events please click here.

Image: USC Shoah Foundation.