German Holocaust Memorial Sites in the Digital Age

Venue: Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre

8 September 2016, 14.00 – 16.00


In the past decade there has been a marked increase in the use of digital resources at German Holocaust memorial sites and in their online presence. But how has digital technology influenced the ways in which German sites commemorate the Nazi past?

Of particular interest to academics students, teachers and museum staff, this workshop will explore the ways in which online exhibition spaces and digital resources in educational programmes have changed our expectations of, and interactions with, Holocaust memorial sites. Drawing on three German case studies — the camps at Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück, and the House of the Wannsee Conference — participants will be invited to consider whether (and how) online resources affect the way that histories of the Holocaust are shared, taught and learned.

This workshop is free and open to all but booking is essential. To reserve your place, please email or telephone (011) 640-3100.

For further information about the workshop, please contact Dr Michelle Magin:

Another postgraduate workshop, ‘Confronting Difficult Pasts’, will also take place at the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre on Thursday 8 September. Further details, including booking information can be found here.

This event forms part of a programme, Remembering the Holocaust and Genocide in the Digital Age, running from 5-13 September at the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre. For a full list of events please click here.

Image: Michelle Magin.