Sadler Seminar Series: Confronting Traumatic Pasts

The exciting line-up of speakers for this year’s Sadler seminar series on ‘Confronting Traumatic Pasts’ includes Ann Rigney (14 Feb 2017), Jacqueline Rose and Chiara De Cesari (29 March 2017) and Astrid Erll (2 May 2017). View the full programme here.

Things kick off with a lecture and postgraduate workshop led by Dr Gal Kirn (ICI Berlin) focusing on memory, monuments, riots and the former Yugoslavia (14 and 15 Nov 2016).



“Contribution to a Partisan Archive: On the Yugoslav National Liberation Struggle in Poetry, Monument and Film”

Monday 14th November, 5-6.30p.m. Almuni Room, School of English (10 Cavendish Road)

This lecture shall argue for the construction of a Yugoslav Partisan (counter-)archive, capable of countering both the dominant narrative of historical revisionism, which increasingly obfuscates the Partisan legacy by engaging in ‘transnational memory in reverse’, and the simplistic Yugonostalgic narrative of the last few decades. If we are to engage in rethinking and recuperating the Partisan legacy we should first delineate the specificity and cultural potential of this legacy. This can only be done if we embrace/fulfil two conditions: if we grant the Partisan struggle the status of rupture, and if cultural-aesthetical memorial practices are able to formalise this rupture. In the second part of the lecture we shall discuss three artworks from different periods that contribute to the formation of a Partisan (counter-)archive, each of which gives a very different answer/form to this rupture in poetry, sculpture and film.

View the poster here.

Postgraduate workshop: “Thinking the monument to (sub)urban riots”

Tuesday 15th November, 9a.m.-12p.m., LHRI SR2

The aim of this postgraduate workshop is to think together two contrasting figures: the monument and the riot. Where the monument usually denotes the state’s commemoration of its national past, the riot is seen as a fleeting nihilistic act of destruction. By combining these two figures, the workshop aims to rethink exactly what we mean by “monument” and “riot.” You will work with texts by Joshua Clover, Frantz Fanon, and Susan Buck-Morss, as well as an array of relevant audio-visual material.

View the poster here.

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