Slot Overview for the Barn Festival

Did you know that by the year 2050, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization predicts we will need to grow 70 percent more food to fulfill people’s needs? Both present hunger and the extra billions of mouths to feed by then must be addressed. Frightening idea, but perhaps humankind can handle it. In the meanwhile, you may play Barn Festival, a farm-themed slot machine by developer Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play has created a Frankengame with Barn Festival by combining elements from a wide variety of games. You’ll discover lots of good, clean farming, as well as references to films like Sweet Bonanza and Money Train 2.

Not to pick nits, but Barn Festival isn’t exactly descriptive. Neither the main game nor the optional one takes place inside a barn at any point. Off to the right of the reels is what appears to be a conventional red barn, yet this is hardly a barn extravaganza. Nonetheless, the tone of Barn Festival is always upbeat, as befits the second word in the title. In the main game, the banjo-based soundtrack is relaxed, but in the bonus round, the mood shifts to a party, complete with fireworks. The art style is quintessential Pragmatic Play, recalling fan favorites like The Dog House Megaways.

Barn Festival is a scatter pays slot machine that can be played for as little as 20 cents a spin all the way up to £/€100. It is a sequel to games like Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus. If 8 or more identical symbols appear on the 6×5 playing field, you win. The maximum return to player percentage is 96.4 percent, and the slot’s volatility rating of 5 out of 5 means it’s as risky as it gets for a Pragmatic slot machine.

The payouts in Barn Festival are a mashup of festival symbols and more generic slot machine graphics. Diamond, club, heart, and spade are the lowest-paying card suites (2x to 8x the stake when 12 are seen). Then there are the premium symbols, which include aubergines, maize, toadstools, oranges, and strawberries, and a win of 12 such symbols is worth 10–50 times the wager. When you have a win, the tumble function kicks in and the winning symbols disappear, making room for new symbols to fall in. After a successful tumble, the tumbling will continue until no further scatter wins occur.

Slot Games at the Barn Party

Win multipliers in the main game and access to the bonus feature Barn Festival Money Respins are both triggered by the appearance of the money symbols. First, when money symbols appear, they might be worth anywhere from 1x to 500x the total amount.

Prize Boosters

When exactly three money symbols appear during a tumble sequence, the values of those symbols are converted into win multipliers, which are then applied to the final win amount. If a spin begins with exactly three money symbols—before any rolling has occurred—and there is no win, the values of the money symbols are summed and stored. The symbols are respun until a win is made, at which point the multiplier is applied.

Cash Respin Option

The Money Respin function is triggered when 4 or more coin symbols appear. The triggering money symbols remain in position on a 4×5 grid for 3 respins while you play this bonus. When more symbols appear, the re-spin counter is reset and the symbols are locked in place. Special symbols might appear as well, alongside monetary ones:

The Add Value command multiplies all currency icons by a predetermined amount and converts the result into a currency icon.

The multiplier first changes into a money sign, then multiplies the input by 2, 3, 4, or 5.

The verb “collect” adds up the worth of all currency icons currently in view.

When activated, it becomes a money sign and adds a reel to the game board.

With Persistent Add, monetary symbols on the current and subsequent respins will have their values added.

Multiplying 2–5 cash symbols by 2, 3, 4, or 5 during the current and all subsequent respin rounds is the Persistent Multiply feature.

Continuously gathers the value of any currency symbols in view during the current and subsequent respins.

When the win cap is reached, when all spots are filled, or when the respins cease, the round concludes. All slots must be played in order to receive the maximum payout of 500 times the initial wager.

Get Some Reruns

Instead of waiting for the necessary amount of money symbols to land, you may purchase the respin option for 100x the bet if it is offered in your jurisdiction.

Slot Decision at the Barn Festival

With features that no other Pragmatic Play scatter pay slot has, Barn Festival is easily the finest of the bunch. The massively popular Money Train 2 slot game from Relax Gaming is partly responsible for the influx of fresh data. Despite this, Barn Festival has a lot to offer for those who enjoy OP hold ‘n win games and are looking for something with a little more in the way of unique symbols to spice things up.

It may be argued that the initial Barn Festival experience offers greater thrill than MT2. The unusual scatter pay system that causes spins to randomly stop is a nice touch, as are the multipliers attached to the cash symbol. It’s also generous because the multiplier rolls over into the following scatter win if there isn’t one already. The trade-off is that Barn Festival doesn’t have the same wallop as Money Train 2. The dark, seedy underbelly of life on the fringes of civilization in a wacky world inspired by steampunk has been replaced with, like, corn and stuff. The serious listener may be turned off by the humorous central subject. However, perhaps it will. Barn Festival is a complete product, prepared for your enjoyment by Pragmatic Play.

Nothing can be said about the bonus round that hasn’t already been stated about it in previous games. Good outcomes were nevertheless accomplished even without the permanent symbols, as you might expect. And then there were no extra rounds, so it looks like the Barn Festival Respins are just as random as they always are. The 20,000x wager limit on wins might be cause for concern to certain players. It’s less than half as good as MT2, but on the other side, your chances of hitting the maximum payout are only 1 in 3,215,434. It’s worth noting that the 20k maximum win is actually less than Sweet Bonanza’s claimed potential, albeit ‘claimed’ is the crucial word here.

If you’re tired of trains or you just want to see a different take on a hold ‘n win game with unusual symbols, Barn Festival is a great option. Although it has a charmingly rural appearance, it has everything a runaway tractor needs to escape.

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